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2020 Fall Recreation Soccer

The Registration "2020 Fall Recreation Soccer" is not currently available.

2020 Fall Recreational Soccer Program

The Santa Clara Youth Soccer League hosts a Fall and Spring Recreational Soccer Program every year for girls and boys from ages 4-5 (2016 Birth Year) through Under-16 (2005 Birth Year). 

2020 Fall Season Soccer Information 
Teams are formed by age and gender, and teams compete from September - November every Satruday at local Santa Clara school sites.

  • Genders: Boys and Girls
  • Ages: 2016 Birth Year through 2005 Birth Year
  • Registration Deadline: July 18th
  • Season: Starts the last week of August and ends the middle of November.
  • Required items to register: Upload a copy of your child's birth certificate (PDF or JPEG format), and a headshot photo to be used for a player pass (photo must be a clean picture of face and top of shoulder - no glasses, no sunglasses and no hat allowed).
  • Payment can be made online by credit card or you can mail a check to SCYSL, PO Box 2014, Santa Clara, 95055-2014. Registration is not complete until checks are processed.
  • Financial Aid is available upon request and you can get more information by clicking on this link
Soccer Program Name Season Age Santa Clara Resident Fees Non-Santa Clara Resident Fees
2020 Fall Recreational Starts end of Aug-mid-Nov U6-U8 $110+$40 VPP fee = $150 ($200 after 7/6) $160+$40 VPP fee = $200 ($250 after 7/6)
2020 Fall Recreational Starts end of Aug-mid-Nov U10-U16 $155+$40 VPP fee = $195 ($245 after 7/6) $207+$40 VPP fee = $247 ($297 after 7/6)






2020 Fall Recreation Season Lookup

To look up the details of a completed 2020 Fall Recreation Season registration please type in all details exactly as they appear on the final registration.

SCYSL 2020 Fall Season FAQs

Q. When will the Fall Recreational season start and end?

We are planning for the soccer season to start near the end of August and finish by November 7th or 14th. Our league must comply with the County of Santa Clara Health Department and the US Soccer Federation COVID-19 guidelines, so these dates may fluctuate. 

Q. What are the Santa Clara Youth Soccer League COVID-19 guidelines and plan this Fall?

Per the guidelines established by the County of Santa Clara Health Department & the US Soccer Federation, we will deploy the following policy:

  • Maintain Social Distancing - soccer coaches and players will stay 6 feet apart while they are talking in a group.

  • Use of shared equipment - players are allowed to kick a soccer ball with teammates but will be instructed not to share sports water bottles and other personal items. All shared equipment should be sanitized between use by different groups of children.

  • Minimize physical contact - soccer players will not shake hands or “high-five” teammates and opponents. Parents will not be allowed to link hands and stand together to create a post-game tunnel. Please create a safe recognition of good sportsmanship.

  • Limit Group Size - limited to no more than 12 soccer players and a coach. 

  • Drop-off and Pickup - if possible, parents and coaches should reduce crowding at a drop-off and pick-up location, and maintain social distancing of at least six feet if possible. Children should wash their hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or clean their hands with hand sanitizer immediately after drop-off, immediately before pickup, and as often as possible throughout the day.

  • Symptom Screening - if any coaches or league official displays COVID-19 symptoms they will be asked to suspend participation until they provide proof of medical release.

  • Communication - the league will post signage requiring proper social distancing protocol at soccer fields.

  • Parent/Guardian Participation - will not be allowed to watch practices, and must practice social distancing guidelines at soccer games.

  • Contact Tracing - coaches will be asked to document the names of all soccer players attending practices and games in case somebody develops COVID-19 symptoms and contact with parents/guardians is required.

Q. If the Soccer season stops due to COVID-19 will we get a refund?

Yes, SCYSL will pro-rate the fees paid and issue partial refunds if the soccer season is canceled due to COVID-19 guidelines set by the County of Santa Clara Health Department.

Q. Does SCYSL Provide Financial Aid?

Yes, we provide financial hardship scholarships and parents can apply on our website at

Elisa Mello

Elisa Mello

League Registrar

Matt Heintz

Matt Heintz

Santa Clara Youth Soccer Recreation Program Director